StockStream is the worlds first cooperative multiplayer stock market game using real money.

You can see the FAQ on the official website and can read news coverage about it here (there's much more, see here).

And I'm a mod in it. First mod, even. There's 3 now. /brag

Or if you'd like to drop to the stream directly, it's on Hope you enjoy it :)

This blog article is intended as a catch-all for all sorts of stuff I want to cover.

The Discord

We have a discord server! It's official! Developer's in it!

smash that connect button

Also, the "hivemind" or the "one percent that controls everything" is real. So is the illuminati.

You can join the teams by following the instructions on #l---teams-info---l.

We also have handy bots that can give info about the stocks, run >c <ticker> for a chart and >s <ticker> for info in #bot-stuff.

Twitch chat rules

  • Follow Twitch Terms of Service and local laws (and United State laws).
  • Be understanding and accepting of those that don't share the same views with you (be economic, political or anything related).
  • Don't spam the chat. This will result in a 10 minute timeout.
  • Don't do personal attacks (even "@somerandomperson = TROLL" is a personal attack), this will result in 5 minutes of ban.
  • Botting is OK, but only use one account (and this should be your main account), be responsive and don't spam. If I can't contact you, you'll risk being banned.

The rules can be changed without any prior notice, and no notice is mandatory for mods to notify the users after changes.

Avery (Arda) Özkal

Some kind of developer. Cares about FOSS, privacy, gender equality and stuff. Likes gaming. Blogs occasionally.

Ankara, Turkey

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